In the coming decades the industry will reach a perfect amalgam between design and engineering.



The future products will be generated by the ultimate evolution of the manufacturing process. The result will be a clean object designed to reach its full performance.




 "A beautiful object will be edge-less. The next diamond is a perfect translucent sphere"


Clean  Efficiency



Master Thesis in

Car Design and Mobility

Milan 2011

RESeT manifesto

   The VW RESeT is the ecological concept that brings  the passenger the luxury of the future, setting yourself free from the "network".


   The kind of freedom which can only be enjoyed by sailing a boat, feeling the sea breeze far away from the over connected urban centers.

The Concept

The Technology

The Hidden Innovation

Concept Exploration

Clay Modeling

The Interior

The Gallery

Design Direction, and the Sail

The connection between the human and the network will increase exponentially in the next few decades. There won't be any time to "reset" yourself free from the 24hs connection, physically or mentally. The transportation industry will play an important role over this issue.

Meanwhile, this mobility field is living a crucial moment after the economical and ecological crisis. Sooner or later all the cars will come out with alternative fuel or electric engines. The driver experience will change dramatically, and the “zoom” feeling from the combustion engine will vanish. It's time to rethink the feelings that will replace the traditional driving pleasures.
 The Future Concept Lab did a research about the new trends for the next ten years in the automotive industry: "The cars will be more functional and organic. The shape will be inspired either by the human body or from the insects. The transformation appeal will be very strong following by robotic mechanics."

The VW RESeT proposes the new concept of Convertible Car, inspired by the sail boats and focused in the Volkswagen design filosofy:


    VW UP! Concept + Scirocco The new Identity chosen by Volkswagen follows the functionality, showing their cars as a high efficiency product. The Scirocco design is the emotion behind the wheel, the desire to bring speed to this fast and innovative product.


    Sail Boats – The high end materials used on RESeT can be found inside of the greatest sailboats in the world. The driver experience will be near of being in a yacht through the ocean breeze.

The Race

Paulo Gustavo Italiani - DOMUS Academy Master Thesis 2010                                                                                  Reset - The Next Luxury for Volkswagen    


 Master in Car Design and Mobility   |   Domus Academy, Italy Milan   |   Coordinator: T. Cem Camsu   |    Director: Marco Bonetto


 The RESeT Master Thesis was partially supported  by Volkswagen at Domus Academy (2010). Therefore, the video and the work do not have any connection to the automotive brand mentioned regarding neither future nor ongoing projects (or any design related to concepts, marketing and business strategies, etc).

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