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On this awarded  project, we explore the best way to enable a faster than gas refueling electric system. The Vixen track-day car should require a battery swap that could be performed in seconds, and a hands free home system in which the driver don't take the notice of the charging gears. The charging system should requiring minimal intervention.



The Reset thesis explore the needs of the future user ahead of it time. This 2009 project already foresee the luxury of the future, which is set yourself free from the network. Not just the overloaded information network, but mainly the energy ones. The sail car and its big huge area of solar panels allow the vehicle to be your own energy power plant.


Pandemic Workshop

Not only machines require a step into future technologies possibilities. We also need to be able to do a deep dive into our mind, and re-connect with our self and set our performance and happiness back on track for contemporaneous and future realities.

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