R-1 Cafe Racer is a Homage to the 1932 Thompson Trophy race winner GeeBee R-1 Super Sportster. The original airplane was built around its powerful motor, just like a classic motorcycle. 

The R-1 set a world landplane speed record of in 1932 thanks to its extreme drop shaped body work. Such iconic characteristics match perfectly with the excitement of riding a cafe racer. 

Through an exquisite customization on the frame of a 2003 Harley Davidson Sportster, you can now enjoy the same high-octane thrill of the brave racing pilots of the 30's.

The "Cobra DP" is a Homage to the iconic AC Cobra developed by the legendary Carroll Shelby.

The aggressive raw look of a cafe racer is the perfect way to pay tribute to the AC Cobra. By carefully choosing the most iconic signature element, we can bring back the racing spirit with this distinctive "blue comet".

Cobra DP concept was awarded 4th place in a international online competition promoted by Local Motors and DP customs

AJAX_PID_01 - Copy.jpg

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DEADLY BOB is a pure electric motorcycle for the brave and reckless
Be ready and gear up to control the torque of this beast! 

It's not just about power, it's about attitude and how you handle it


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